Arthritis medication NSAIDS is short for Non Steroidal ‘AntiInflammatory’ Drugs that are commonly used to reduce the pain of arthritis patients -also known as Cox inhibitors. They are available both on prescription and over the counter just like aspirin and ibuprofen. They work by preventing an enzyme called Cyclooxygenase a protein from doing its job. Notice that both produce prostaglandins that promote inflammation, pain and fever, There are 2 Cox forms enzymes. Cox 1 is produced to protect the stomach lining from digestive chemicals and strong internal acids. For instance, cox 2″ is produced when injury occurs to joints. Furthermore, That’s a fact, it’s the enzyme that stimulates the inflammatory response. They have the added benefit of reducing inflammation, lower fevers and even prevent blood from clotting which can be quite beneficial in And so it’s for these reasons that NSAIDS are quite widely taken. For the most part there’s a much darker side to these medicines. Numerous consequences are reported. It’s a well-known fact that the following are a few. Known you can obviously tell that there’s an array of possible aftereffect.

Arthritis medication You wouldn’t think that quite simple antiinflammatory drug prescribed regularly could cause all those aftereffect! Another question isSo the question is this. I am just exaggerating all this? I am not! You see, you don’t need to look far in medical reports and news articles to find that what I am saying true, sad but true. That’s interesting. Pharmaceutical companies are not doing themselves any favors either by launching these drugs without proper testing. So a well documented drug is Vioxx. Besides, a Cox 2 inhibitor drug developed by pharmaceutical company called Merck. It was approved in 1999 and had been widely used throughout America and UK until September 2004 when it was withdrawn. Jury in Texas on Friday awarded a $ 253 dot 4m settlement to the widow of the 59 year old Robert Ernst who died suddenly after using Vioxx.

Actually the court heard claims that Merck had played down safety fears about the drug for an entire decade.

You many consider this to be old news but And so it’s quite clear that people were placed under unnecessary risks.

Drug was prescribed to could’ve caused 27785 heart attacks since it was approved for use in 1999. Remember, since thence another ‘Cox 2’ inhibitor drug called Bextra has also been withdrawn. It was prescribed as a replacement to the widely used Vioxx medication but was consequently found to cause similarly serious after effect. Now consider the last time those kind of consequences were stressed to you by your doctor before prescribing medication? It is doctors should know best and this is the real reason why we trust their judgment and yet they don’t feel the need to tell us that they may be placing us under harm.