How long does it take for a total hip replacement surgery? I have three biz pages to manage and looked for it highly easy older way -one short ‘tripup’ for me, one giant trip up for Facebook.

Write the SOP manual for your own team on this method compared with the method -that one was 1 steps, if you doubt that the test was usually.

For which, thank you very much for posting, good help! I got lthr anterior approach two weeks ago so had a walker when I came to the apartments until the real physical therapist was there yesterday and said you don’t need a walker. I went to my dr day he says I don’t even need a cane I have no limitations simply to do my exercises in the apartments and my hip feels big. Hi all.

I am six weeks post LTHR.

Have started getting shooting pains in my bottom leg.

I betwixt my knee and my foot. Feels like it’s on bone there. Let me ask you something. Does anyone else get this? Now pay attention please. Hugs. Jules., with no doubt, hi, I’m newest to the forum but I’m hoping someone could as they had my spleen removed.

As you see my partner and I have one and the other had tal hip replacements mine right and his left.

No not purchase one get one free ūüėä he had his 3 week go with up physio appointment tonight, I’m seven weeks tonight. Hi, went to my out patient review yesterday and everything was usually fine apart from a slight limp which I’m being referred to physio for. Notice, I will drive at last! Fed up with being stuck indoors on my own so it’s a huge milestone. Thence, I’m 39 and having a PAO to tackle one my hip side dysplasia in April and not replying in this thread. Simply keep reading! Any links for inclusion will have to be from ‘non commercial’ reputable sites. There is a lot more information about it on this site. Hi All, not been on here for quite a while but just to update I was diagnosed with an arthritic hip merely over a year and a half ago and now another hop has always been heading in similar direction.

How long does it take for a total hip replacement surgery? I had tal hip replacement of, no doubt both left and right hips in the past 5 years.

My right hip was fine but my left hip has not been right it was done three years ago.

I went back to my surgeon multiple times to tell him something was bad but he kept telling me everything looks fine. Well not truly from surgeons but from mum in law house en route back. Finally, didn’t even have to think about it. You simply do it. Didn’t practically hurt much as leg still hurts a bit in any case and not noticeably any worse. Surgeon said scar healed carefully and a review in 4 months. Then, I am 2 weeks post op currently. Consequently, the pain isn’t virtually a massive problem. This place right around my incision always was swollen.

No indications of infection.

I as well get slight warm tinges in my thigh muscle identical to the feeling one gets when you pull a muscle.

I in addition occasionally hear some clacking. Then once more, I had a ceramic tal hip replacement 6weeks ago and I’m in agony. This is where it starts getting entertaining, right? I’m 40 yeats old enough and had avascular rigjt necrosis hip. So, I had a titanium disc replacement six years ago in my lower back so I was aware going into surgery it should not be dead simple. Nevertheless, I returned to hospital yesterday as my arthritis pain was continual the majority of this year.

How long does it take for a total hip replacement surgery? Hello all, well been 12 weeks since my LTHR was doing so well up until week My mum was taken into hospital and it ok them ten weeks to search for she had two fractures in her hip bone at back.

Day one tied to 2 up and walking day 3 go back home and we walked and walked now I am all over the house taking care of myself and ok.

I gonna be glad when someone checks this bandage nobody has uched it since surgery. I am 56 and seven weeks post right THR. Ok yesterday. Looked round 3 shops and did a 30 minute gentle walk tho it was grim and cool. Felt it when I got in. Day I get up and we feel as may solely be described as an extremely pretty old person.

Avascular, well had and in addition they have necrosis in all hips.

Right one was definitely worse.

I had a thr on Aug it turned out to be infected, on, 2016 and 30 Sept 12, 2016 the ok majority of hardware out and replaced it. Nevertheless, I had a traffic accident 7 weeks ago and damaged my femur, was ld that I had to have a full hip replacement, unfortunately during surgery my popliteal nerve was damaged and woke up to a paralysed foot on identical side as THR. Needless to say, hi guys and girls. It’s about four and a half weeks since we had my hip replacement. Likewise, is an uncemented hip replacement. I was fine and relatively pain free up to my physio appointment at three weeks when they ld me to do more. Basically, hi all! Essentially, newest to the group but not to hip problems. Then, I simply turned 37 and had my left hip replaced when we was 27 it failed and they had it replaced about nine months later. On p of that, they have had twings of pain occasionally for a few months here or there in the past few years but now I have a huge poser.

Hi all.

I had THR on October 12th.

Been very good with recuperation. I am debating on making an attempt to go visit my sister for thanksgiving. I’d be about six weeks post op at that time. My concern is probably excessive sitting. I had my right THR done August 30, Know what, I have to it, admit and for now has been all awful my surgeries‚Ķ how many you ask? Known well since 2010, I have had five on my left shoulder, one on my right shoulder, one on my right hip. That said, I am expected to have my left hip done in next year or so. While getting awful pain once again in groin area but entirely intermittently, one minute it’s fine next we can’t bare any weight, nurse practitioner thinks it’s muscular and given me some gel I’m not so sure now, any suggestions, had my hip replacement in may and all seemed well until about three weeks ago.